The Royal Art: In the Beginning
Music Composition

I’ve been writing music since I was nine years old. Growing up as a guitarist, my friends would play cover songs from different bands and I would only play my own original scores. The measure of a great musician is found in the amount of passion and heart in their songs, not the complexity or amount of notes or chords in their writing.

For as much music composition that I’ve done in my lifetime, I’ve never been a part of a writing process for film scoring. The Royal Art documentary is my first film scoring experience.

I thought about the composition of both the trailer and the film for quite some. I had worked with Brian Yaskulka in the past and only seen a small percent of his ability for composition. He’s an incredible engineer and producer.

Today we started composing the underlying tracks for the trailer and I have faith that we will produce an award-winning score for the final documentary.

When you embark on any great undertaking, a smart man will have a plan in place before he steps forward. A wise man will kneel before G-d and walk by faith, not by sight.


In 1997 I was living in London studying on scholarship at Westminster University. Typically I would skip my Tort Law class every Thursday and spend that time with a few classmates at a great little pub near Great Queen Street. On the first Thursday in November of 1997, I detoured from my normal westward route home toward Picadilly and headed east down Great Queen Street.

When I travelled east that day I ended up walking past the Grand Lodge of England and caught a glimpse of the timeless square and compass symbol that represented the Freemasons. Since that day, freemasonry has haunted my mind and has become one of the most important aspects of my life.

I’ve started working on a film about my journey through freemasonry and will document my documentary on this blog.

Key art for The Royal Art by one of my executive producers Simon McIlroy.

Key art for The Royal Art by one of my executive producers Simon McIlroy.